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Cartoon: Obama the Cowboy.


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Obama Navy SEAL doll an insult to real Navy SEALs.

A Connecticut company, Hero Builders, has released an Obama SEAL Team 6 “action” figure, “Rambama” — a grinning, muscular, custom Barack Obama figure dressed in camouflage fatigues and armed with an M1-A4. The doll closely resembles the real President Obama except that Obama is not muscular, not a military hero, not known for taking action, would most likely never be caught carrying a military weapon (or any weapon for that matter), and would assuredly never have successfully completed the rigorous Navy SEAL training. Other than that, it’s spot-on. The doll retails for $34.95.

For the record, Obama’s “heroics” surrounding the Osama bin Laden killing consisted of cutting his golf game short on that Sunday to return to the White House to watch the true national heroes take down Osama bin Laden–only to have Obama’s White House concoct a whole cloth version of what happened that has changed numerous times. Obama’s heroics also consisted of taking hours to give the initial green light on the Navy SEAL mission–and only after sleeping on it. Yes, clearly, “action,” is Obama’s middle name.

The mainstream media was not unexpectedly quick to welcome the Obama doll with blindly-loyal MSNBC going so far to describe the doll as “fierce-looking.” If lions in the jungle donned the same “fierce” expression as the new Obama doll, they would no doubt go hungry and be the laughing stock of the food chain.

In reality, an Obama Navy SEAL action figure is nothing more than an egregious insult to the truly brave, well-trained, dedicated, and actual American hero Navy SEAL’s who risked their lives to kill the mastermind of the 9/11 attack on America citizens. But of course there can never be a doll designed to depict those men. They shall remain faceless, and rightfully so, but not forgotten fierce fighters who do what needs to be done by the darkness of night—not a perpetually petty, shallow, attention-grabbing, paper tiger president who soaks up the spotlight like a sponge soaks up liquids, and grabs for the undeserved glory with both hands by the light of day.

If Hero Builders wants to create an accurate Barack Obama figure they should design a doll dressed in golf attire that talks out of both sides of its mouth and comes complete with a teleprompter and tedious and tiresome left-wing talking points. Empty suit not included. Who wouldn’t pay $34.95 for that?

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